Train Ride Adventure Terms

Train Ride Adventure Terms

  • An electronic ticket will be sent to you via e-mail and/or SMS includes the trip start point  location in wadi rum.
  • You will be notified via email and/or SMS  at least 48 hours in advance If there is any change in trip date/time .
  • The ticket must be shown at the departure point to the trip supervisor to be scanned.
  • The date and time for the booked trip cannot be changed later.
  • The Train Trip Ticket is non-transferable.


I realize and understand the nature of the tourist train journey (Journey through 1916) operated by Jordan Heritage Revival Company. It is a journey on board the tourist train where the train travels within the desert area of Wadi Rum at a speed appropriate to the nature of the region and the history of the experience. The journey ends with a tourist heritage show in which the participants re embody some of the events of the Great Arab Revolt using horses, camels, and old military vehicles amid shooting with empty sound ammunition, sound and smoke crackers and fireworks to simulate an attack by the Arab revolutionaries on the Guard soldiers on board the train and controlling it. Based on my understanding and realization of the nature of the journey, I will comply with the instructions of the journey supervisor and accompanying tourist guides. In addition, I will comply with the general safety instructions to take this tourist experience, including not moving between closed and open train cars during the movement of the train, not standing at its doors, and not moving or standing in open cars during the movement the train. I further undertake to use the stairs and places designated for getting on and off the train cars as directed by the journey supervisor and accompanying tourist guides. I also understand and realize the weather fluctuations in the desert area and the resulting storms or sudden closure of the railway line that may cause unexpected risks to the passengers and the train and may cause the journey to be canceled or disrupted. I understand the risks expected from the atmosphere of simulating the Arab revolutionaries’ attack on the train guards and the use of sound ammunition, heritage weapons, sound and smoke crackers, and interaction and friction with horses, camels and heritage military vehicles participating in the show. I freely and voluntarily take the responsibility for the potential risks and damages arising from taking this experience (Journey through 1916) in terms of personal injury and/or death and/or property damage, and I hold harmless Jordan Heritage Revival Company and its employees against any legal or financial consequences.