Where History Comes to Life

Jordan Heritage Revival Company (JHRC) was established in 2010 with the objective of developing the tourism sector in Jordan by creating authentic, engaging, and entertaining experiences to enrich the experience of tourists, and to bring the ancient civilizations that once populated Jordanian soil to life.

JHRC was founded by King Abdullah II Fund for Development, in line with the Royal vision of reviving Jordanian history, and empowering local communities and veterans through providing opportunities for active participation in development projects.


Jordan Heritage Revival Company (JHRC) mission is to revive the heritage of Jordan and bring its history to life by turning it into spectacular experiences for both Jordanians and international tourists alike, and at the same time maintaining sustainable income out of the different company’s projects for the local communities and veterans.


JHRC aims to create and administer a self-sustaining historical re-enactment sector in Jordan. This will showcase the country as a site of unique world historical interest and in doing so, will have a positive impact on Jordan’s economy and society.


Create memorable experiences

Through our carefully created re-enactments, we blend entertainment and education to create spectacles that enable visitors to get a genuine feel for Jordan’s history.

Promote historical interest

Our work is designed to encourage both local and international tourists to find out more about Jordan’s history and culture.

Cement Jordan’s place on the world cultural map.

Our work aims to increase the attractiveness of the country in the eyes of tourists, global media and the world of business.

Create genuine employment opportunities.

Through the direct involvement of veterans as well as creating opportunities for local business ventures.

Become self-sustaining and foster wider economic growth

By helping expand the hospitality and tourism sectors in the locations where we operate, in addition to creating wider engagement with other industries such as film and TV production.


Muayyad Abu Rumman