ABOUT THE Jordan Heritage Revival Company

Jordan is the inheritor of a rich historical legacy stretching back millennia. Against this backdrop, the mission of the Jordan Heritage Revival Company (JHRC) is to preserve and revive this heritage – principally through “living history” in the form of historical re-enactments, in a way that provides quality employment opportunities for the country’s veterans Through this, JHRC aims to create and administer a self-sustaining historical re-enactment sector in Jordan...


Wadi rum Activities The Train Station Visit

Modeled after authentic Hijaz Railway stations, the Wadi Rum train station is an indispensable stop in the itinerary of Wadi Rum visitors. With its collection of artifacts from the period and the accompanying audio-visual exhibition, it provides a unique experience for history buffs, train enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike, as the Wadi Rum train station is also one of the starting points of the Hijaz Train Ride Experience.


Wadi rum Activities The Train Ride Adventure

The crown jewel of Wadi Rum experiences. In the train ride adventure, visitors embark on a journey in time back to 1916, where they board an authentic Hijaz Railway steam train, along with Ottoman soldiers going on a mission to provide supplies for a nearby garrison under attack by the Great Arab Revolt fighters. But the mission takes a sharp turn when the train, along with its passengers, are ambushed by the very same fighters.


Wadi rum Activities Paint ball

The Wadi Rum Paint ball field is themed after WW1, and specifically the Great Arab Revolt battles between the Arabs and the Ottomans. Participants can choose from of our creatively created missions, and once assigned their teams and given their authentic uniforms and weapons, they can the paint ball battle in our field that is superbly equipped to providing you with the highest standards of care, safety, and above all, great fun.


Wadi rum Activities Horseback riding

Whether it’s your first time riding a horse, or you just want to get on the saddle and experience riding on the golden sands like Bedouins did for thousands of years, our horse riding center is the place for you. Upon booking a horse riding experience, you can pick the horse that best fits your experience and ability. Our qualified instructors are equipped to train all levels from beginners to the more advanced and competitive riders.


Wadi rum Activities Star gazing

Equally as astonishing as the landscape of Wadi Rum during the day, is the skyscape at night. Being so far away from city lights, the night sky glows with tens of thousands of sparkling stars in a view that is breathe taking for the naked eye. But instructors can make the experience more fascinating by giving you a much closer look through the eyepiece of our telescope. And if you are patient enough, you might even see a few falling stars!


Wadi rum Activities Dining

Our fortress restaurant provides a wide selection of meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, along with snacks. The meal selection includes some international dishes, but the local ones are a must to try, namely mansaf, the signature dish of Jordan made of yoghurt, meat and rice, and zarb, the Bedouin underground BBQ.


Wadi rum Activities 4X4 desert tours

Hop in one of our 4X4 SUVs specifically modified for driving in the sand, and let our experienced driver take you with your friends or family in a thrilling dune bashing experience right before sunset, so that you can witness sunset in Wadi Rum’s best sunset viewpoint.


Wadi rum Activities Wadi Rum Lodging

After a long day filled with action and adventure, nothing beats a good night sleep in our camp. Our simple yet comfortable tents are available in single, double and triple occupancies. The camp also includes hot showers.


Umm Qais Activities Gadara Visit

By entering the site of Gadara not only do you get to see the extensive Roman ruins and enjoy the panoramic views, but also, you will delve deep into the past, and witness Gadara rise from the ruins as our performers deliver their reenactment shows depicting life as it was 2300 years ago.

Umm Qais Activities Coin-Operated Binoculars

The amazing panoramic views you enjoy standing at the hill top of Umm Qais have a different taste when you look through the coin-operated binoculars to see up-close the sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, and if you are lucky, on a clear day, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Lebanon’s Southern mountains

JHRC Featured Packages

Journey Through 1916

In Wadi Rum, one of the most breathtaking places on earth, and the filming location of some of ...

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The Roman Aqueduct Experience

Situated in the North of Jordan, Umm Qais is another city rooted deep in history.

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