Wadi Rum
Where the modern Arab World is born...
The first sage in this journey involves our guests being physically transported to the vast, beautiful desert and rockscape of Wadi Rum. Then, another journey begins.

It is now 1916. The desert seems tranquil but the winds of change are blowing. The Ottomans are trying desperately to retain control as the fate of their vast empire hangs in the balance. Against this backdrop, our guests join a detachment of Ottoman troops as they raid a Hijazi train. Quiet descends and with it, enough time for some story telling.

The quiet is short-lived. Across the sands, warriors emerge: some on horse, some on camel – and all with a desire to control their own destiny. Our visitors witness the explosions and gunfire and realize that this is how nations are often born.

Wadi Rum Tours
Shobak & Wadi Rum Tour
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- Cycling - Oud - Horseback Riding - Tour Guide
- Samer Party - Photographer - Zarab (Underground Cooking) - 4X4 Sunset Trip
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Weather factors affect viability of train rides through Wadi Rum; minimum reservations per train ride is for 40 persons.