Where Salah al Din and Crusaders clash...
How did Shobak’s Castle, Montréal, this seemingly impenetrable Crusader stronghold meet its end? What took place here to make this such a historically significant site? JHRC takes visitors back to the 12th Century. Starting with a dramatic poem, our visitors watch and learn as an Ayyubid army led by the warrior known to the Crusaders as ‘Saladin’ expertly plans and executes a battle.

After (or before) this memorable spectacle, visitors can make the most of everything this beautiful location has to offer with walking, cycling and hiking trips organized by the nearby Montréal Hotel. As dusk falls, there’s the opportunity to stay at this hotel, perched on a hill within shouting distance of the castle itself. Here, guests can enjoy home-cooking and spectacular views of this historic landscape.

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Shobak & Wadi Rum Tour
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- Cycling - Oud - Horseback Riding - Tour Guide
- Samer Party - Photographer - Zarab (Underground Cooking) - 4X4 Sunset Trip
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Weather factors affect viability of train rides through Wadi Rum; minimum reservations per train ride is for 40 persons.