Petra: A Wonder of the World becomes a living, breathing city…
Carved into a sheer rock and with a history that spans more than 2,000 years, the ‘rose red city’ sees an estimated million visitors each year. JHRC’s Petra project aims to bring a human element to this mysterious city; to provide a glimpse of Petra in its military majesty.

The experience begins by encountering two guards at the ‘Siq’, the narrow gorge that forms the entrance to the city. Approaching the Treasury, more warriors provide a welcome to guests as a taste of things to come. Once visitors have made their way past the amphitheater and deeper into Petra, those visitors are treated to soldiers performing a poetic dance designed to transport spectators back in time and reveal ‘the Art of Warfare’. This un-missable spectacle is free to all lucky visitors to Petra and is performed four times daily.