Montréal Hotel
Standing opposite to Shobak Montréal Castle and commanding a beautiful view of the castle (beautifully lit at night, guarded by Ayyubid soldiers at day), Shobak Montréal Hotel contains all necessary guest facilities and outlets, plus other services including food and beverage.
Shobak Montréal Castle
Perched on top of a hill overlooking the Shobak area, Shobak Montréal Castle was a symbol of victory and heroism to previous civilizations, its historical importance sealed when it became a base for Saladin. The castle communicates its history through the writing and calligraphy which decorate its towers in the Ayyubid Kufic style. Don't miss this chance to watch a military show from Saladin's army and the 364 step performance from within Shobak Montréal Castle, plus a unique way of making mallia bread using earth.
A breathtaking touristic attraction that is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is distinguished for its historical value. An exciting journey awaits you in Wadi Al-Nakheel (Valley of the Palms) to enjoy the splendor of nature after a rest at Shobak Montréal Hotel. Also, savor an authentic, traditional meal at Shobak Montréal Hotel.