About us
Jordan is the inheritor of a rich historical legacy stretching back millennia. Against this backdrop, the mission of the Jordan Heritage Revival Company (JHRC) is to preserve and revive this heritage – principally through “living history” in the form of historical re-enactments, in a way that provides quality employment opportunities for the country’s veterans.

Through this, JHRC aims to create and administer a self-sustaining historical re-enactment sector in Jordan. This will showcase the country as a site of unique world historical interest and in doing so, will have a positive impact on Jordan’s economy and society.

  • Create memorable experiences. This is living history. Through our carefully created re-enactments, we blend entertainment and education to create spectacles that enable visitors to get a genuine feel for Jordan’s history.
  • Promote historical interest. For both Jordanian citizens and international visitors, young and old, our work is designed to encourage everyone to find out more about Jordan’s history and culture.
  • Cement Jordan’s place on the world cultural map. What makes Jordan special? A world-class travel destination requires the promise of a unique experience, of cultural activities rooted in time and place. Our work helps to create this – and in doing so, aims to increase the attractiveness of the country in the eyes of tourists, global media and the world of business.
  • Create genuine employment opportunities. This includes the direct involvement of retired military personnel as well as creating opportunities for local business ventures.
  • Become self-sustaining and foster wider economic growth. This includes expansion of hospitality and touristic components in the locations where we operate (cafes and shops, for instance). There is also plenty of scope for wider engagement with the events and film industries – including the acquisition of copyrights and associated imagery, as well as with tourism intermediaries.
The Jordan Heritage Revival Company (JHRC) was founded in 2010 by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD). It was based on the Royal vision of a self-sustaining historical revival sector in Jordan.
Taking Jordan’s national treasures as a starting point, JHRC took on the task of building unique cultural experiences for tourists, journalists, corporate clients and Jordanian citizens. This was achieved by creating re-enactment shows and events.

These projects brought the additional benefits of creating income-generating opportunities for retired military personnel, other business venture beneficiaries and the community at large.

To date, JHRC has ongoing projects based at Petra and Wadi Rum. A further project will soon be launched around the castle of Shobak.

Petra: A Wonder of the World becomes a living, breathing city… Carved into a sheer rock and with a history that spans more than 2,000 years, the ‘rose red city’ sees an estimated million visitors each year. JHRC’s Petra project aims to bring a human element to this mysterious city; to provide a glimpse of Petra in its military majesty.

The experience begins by encountering two guards at the ‘Siq’, the narrow gorge that forms the entrance to the city. Approaching the Treasury, more warriors provide a welcome to guests as a taste of things to come. Once visitors have made their way past the amphitheater and deeper into Petra, those visitors are treated to soldiers performing a poetic dance designed to transport spectators back in time and reveal ‘the Art of Warfare’. This un-missable spectacle is free to all lucky visitors to Petra and is performed four times daily.

Shobak: Where Salah al Din and Crusaders clash… How did Shobak’s Castle, Montréal, this seemingly impenetrable Crusader stronghold meet its end? What took place here to make this such a historically significant site? JHRC takes visitors back to the 12th Century. Starting with a dramatic poem, our visitors watch and learn as an Ayyubid army led by the warrior known to the Crusaders as ‘Saladin’ expertly plans and executes a battle.

After (or before) this memorable spectacle, visitors can make the most of everything this beautiful location has to offer with walking, cycling and hiking trips organized by the nearby Montréal Hotel. As dusk falls, there’s the opportunity to stay at this hotel, perched on a hill within shouting distance of the castle itself. Here, guests can enjoy home-cooking and spectacular views of this historic landscape.

Wadi Rum: Where the modern Arab World is born… The first sage in this journey involves our guests being physically transported to the vast, beautiful desert and rockscape of Wadi Rum. Then, another journey begins.

It is now 1916. The desert seems tranquil but the winds of change are blowing. The Ottomans are trying desperately to retain control as the fate of their vast empire hangs in the balance. Against this backdrop, our guests join a detachment of Ottoman troops as they raid a Hijazi train. Quiet descends and with it, enough time for some story telling.

The quiet is short-lived. Across the sands, warriors emerge: some on horse, some on camel – and all with a desire to control their own destiny. Our visitors witness the explosions and gunfire and realize that this is how nations are often born.

The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD)
The KAFD was established by a royal decree in 2001 as a non-governmental organization working to develop and support the Jordanian community.

KAFD works to further develop key sectors in Jordan and improve local standards of living for all segments of the Jordanian community, targeting individuals, public and private sectors and civil society organizations. For more information, please visit: www.kafd.jo